Texas Tech Red Raiders (0-0)

Head Coach: Ronnie Broughton

Big 12
#4 Oklahoma State Cowboys00.000000-00-00-00-0--
#18 Iowa State Cyclones00.000000-00-00-00-0--
Oklahoma Sooners00.000000-00-00-00-0--
Baylor Bears00.000000-00-00-00-0--
Brigham Young Cougars00.000000-00-00-00-0--
Colorado Buffaloes00.000000-00-00-00-0--
Kansas Jayhawks00.000000-00-00-00-0--
Texas Longhorns00.000000-00-00-00-0--
Kansas State Wildcats00.000000-00-00-00-0--
West Virginia Mountaineers00.000000-00-00-00-0--
Texas Tech Red Raiders00.000000-00-00-00-0--

Team News
Week 16, 2058: Williams Catron has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Fred Wofford has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Henry Lu has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Joseph Prescott has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Pablo Southard has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Thomas Sandoval has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Jose Martin has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Ali Willey has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Justin Grubb has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Amado Stewart has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: John Turnbull has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Pete Galarza has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: George Franklin has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: Marvin Michel has decided to transfer.
Week 16, 2058: John Merriman has decided to transfer.


Team Transactions

Team Stats
Pts (Cnf/Lea)Yds (Cnf/Lea)Rush (Cnf/Lea)Pass (Cnf/Lea)
Offense0.0 (8/34)0.0 (8/34)0.0 (8/34)0.0 (8/34)
Defense0.0 (8/34)0.0 (8/34)0.0 (8/34)0.0 (8/34)

Individual Leaders
Abell, J.0000
Abell, J.0000
Abell, J.0000

1Virginia Cavaliers (0-0) 
2South Florida Bulls (0-0) 
4Brigham Young Cougars (0-0) 
5@Kansas Jayhawks (0-0) 
6Baylor Bears (0-0) 
7@Iowa State Cyclones (0-0) 
8Texas Longhorns (0-0) 
9@West Virginia Mountaineers (0-0) 
10@Oklahoma State Cowboys (0-0) 
11Kansas State Wildcats (0-0) 
12Rice Owls (0-0) 
14@Tulane Green Wave (0-0) 

Active Roster
Cohen, C.QBSr (RS)784036835888246023111195
Horner, D.QBSo (RS)75304781806421735111164
Quintana, J.QBJr (RS)692842745767308949112180
Mcintyre, J.RBSo7356812447234674922431186
Mckenzie, C.RBSo7451842546113587443182182
Nowak, D.RBSo84648026592423895617291166
Worth, R.RBSo73589122412921634729141188
Ayala, J.FBSo708260162132755240381172
Boss, H.FBSo757760162211845044441186
Munoz, A.FBSo706450154129664152421167
O'Brien, M.FBFr (RS)696353155130735438461181
Guenther, J.GSo (RS)71836315913836184591172
Kee, R.GSo82912716611737180831152
Moser, T.GSo797936156151471567871169
Nichols, A.GJr (RS)75614716815047573781164
Danner, J.TFr (RS)716436166153621064691181
Garcia, J.TJr838556158127332291731156
Nestor, R.TSr (RS)78756615114848677761368
Swope, D.CSo818058157146451667851161
Alford, D.TESo745841157150488142291158
Cole, H.TESr785656152125786143591172
Epperson, W.TEFr (RS)724960158136735427371177
Burke, G.WRJr685574152129637031401160
Holton, M.WRJr754278158115757113121183
Jorgensen, E.WRSo705970171116617412341179
Ritter, J.WRJr73488916112060767321188
Ashe, L.CBSo7646881323367342111167
Hale, A.CBSo7452831411346744112183
Matthews, K.CBSo7144811341347037111161
Roman, M.CBSo8532761671568065111155
Sorensen, L.CBSo7134823521396538111184
Laney, H.LBSo7440611641777021111186
Mead, K.LBJr7357641601578142111162
Sanders, T.LBSo7051531701587054111184
Trahan, J.LBSr7341641681687729111182
Woodcock, J.LBSo6643821681604954111160
Abell, J.DTJr7661631621666621111156
Henning, T.DTSo7059331581566330111171
Almanza, A.DESo (RS)7075361311386717111159
Daughtry, O.DESo7466481661655243111156
Esquivel, R.DESo (RS)7382591481425234311173
Reddick, R.DESo7578521541356435111177
Galvin, G.FSSo7645831611686541111192
Todd, J.FSSo6827531731556757113162
Peace, E.SSJr7145872581515549111177
Tinker, J.SSSo6537631481526540111166
Carter, K.KSr82185426741115235137082100
Kline, P.KJr893326373133442119090100
Kroll, A.KSo (RS)762243247016451811648675
Whitehurst, J.KSr8013471453118592311758795
Bolin, J.PSo (RS)7836492252122531011916890
Schaeffer, T.PJr (RS)7926352569114421311886884
Game Records
Passing Attempts20298Texas TechFennell, T.West Virginia80
Passing Completions20298Texas TechFennell, T.West Virginia56
Pass Completion Pct20161Texas TechHembree, O.Louisville100
Passing Interceptions203312Texas TechSuggs, P.Baylor7
Passing Yards20305Texas TechFennell, T.Oklahoma629
Passing TDs201710Texas TechBoucher, R.Kansas8
Passing Rating20326Texas TechAustin, S.Kansas732.4
Longest Pass20221Texas TechAtwell, K.Hawaii99
Rush Attempts20538Texas TechShelley, R.Kansas State48
Rushing Yards205314Texas TechShelley, R.Ohio191
Rushing TDs20533Texas TechKeyes, E.South Florida4
Longest Run202513Texas TechWare, A.Texas Christian95
Catches20212Texas TechCochran, R.Tulane14
Receiving Yards204111Texas TechDemarco, W.Kansas306
Receiving TDs20181Texas TechSweat, J.Fresno State4
Longest Catch20221Texas TechWilkins, E.Hawaii99
Fumbles205314Texas TechShelley, R.Ohio5
Fumbles Lost20546Texas TechPeeples, P.Baylor3
Interceptions203112Texas TechCurrie, M.Iowa State3
Interception Return Yards20573Texas TechQuintanilla, J.Michigan State104
Tackles20195Texas TechGonzales, T.West Virginia19
Sacks204810Texas TechMace, B.Baylor4
Forced Fumbles20315Texas TechBanda, J.Baylor3
Fumbles Recovered20427Texas TechSchoonover, N.Texas Christian4
Fumble Return Yards20579Texas TechNash, R.Kansas State33
Defensive TDs201612Texas TechColeman, G.Kansas State2
Punt Return Yards20374Texas TechHolbrook, J.Kansas State137
Punt Return TDs20425Texas TechHernandez, M.Iowa State2
Longest Punt Return20528Texas TechRobles, J.West Virginia91
Kickoff Return Yards203512Texas TechGough, M.Texas Christian272
Kickoff Return TDs20178Texas TechSandoval, J.Oklahoma1
Longest Kickoff Return20178Texas TechSandoval, J.Oklahoma108
FG Attempted20218Texas TechWillis, R.Kansas7
FG Made20486Texas TechGilbreath, C.Texas6
Longest FG201614Texas TechBarrows, A.Air Force63
XP Attempted20165Texas TechBarrows, A.Kansas11
XP Made20165Texas TechBarrows, A.Kansas11
FG Pct20161Texas TechBarrows, A.Louisville100
XP Pct20161Texas TechBarrows, A.Louisville100
Punt Average20164Texas TechLucero, K.Baylor63
Punt Yards204611Texas TechSaucedo, E.Kansas State715
Longest Punt20192Texas TechRamirez, J.Mississippi76
Tackles For Loss20289Texas TechCrutchfield, F.West Virginia7
Pancakes20549Texas TechRobles, M.UTEP21
Sacks Allowed20169Texas TechChampion, H.Oklahoma State3

Season Records
Passing Attempts2036Texas TechJohnson, S.760
Passing Completions2022Texas TechAtwell, K.408
Pass Completion Pct2026Texas TechConn, J.73.3
Passing Interceptions2033Texas TechSuggs, P.28
Passing Yards2018Texas TechBoucher, R.5942
Passing TDs2018Texas TechBoucher, R.75
Passing Rating2018Texas TechBoucher, R.203.4
Longest Pass2022Texas TechAtwell, K.99
Rush Attempts2053Texas TechShelley, R.395
Rushing Yards2055Texas TechMorrissey, N.1754
Rushing TDs2024Texas TechBaptiste, C.18
Longest Run2025Texas TechWare, A.95
Catches2021Texas TechCochran, R.115
Receiving Yards2018Texas TechVilla, C.2068
Receiving TDs2018Texas TechVilla, C.24
Longest Catch2022Texas TechWilkins, E.99
Fumbles2053Texas TechShelley, R.11
Fumbles Lost2028Texas TechBurr, E.6
Interceptions2022Texas TechPhillips, R.7
Interception Return Yards2051Texas TechBurke, J.186
Tackles2028Texas TechLemons, J.106
Sacks2019Texas TechScott, W.15
Forced Fumbles2048Texas TechBrackett, L.5
Fumbles Recovered2053Texas TechShelley, R.5
Fumble Return Yards2057Texas TechNash, R.33
Defensive TDs2016Texas TechColeman, G.2
Punt Return Yards2053Texas TechSerrano, F.482
Punt Return TDs2042Texas TechHernandez, M.2
Longest Punt Return2052Texas TechRobles, J.91
Kickoff Return Yards2027Texas TechAaron, J.1449
Kickoff Return TDs2057Texas TechPeeples, P.3
Longest Kickoff Return2017Texas TechSandoval, J.108
FG Attempted2055Texas TechHuffman, C.36
FG Made2048Texas TechGilbreath, C.30
Longest FG2016Texas TechBarrows, A.63
XP Attempted2018Texas TechWong, J.88
XP Made2018Texas TechWong, J.87
FG Pct2038Texas TechMason, M.100
XP Pct2022Texas TechWillis, R.100
Punt Average2030Texas TechCherry, A.56
Punt Yards2046Texas TechSaucedo, E.5357
Longest Punt2019Texas TechRamirez, J.76
Tackles For Loss2030Texas TechLassiter, K.19
Pancakes2054Texas TechRobles, M.133
Sacks Allowed2020Texas TechJobe, A.11

Bowl Records
Passing Attempts2019Texas TechHembree, O.68
Passing Completions2019Texas TechHembree, O.45
Pass Completion Pct2024Texas TechAtwell, K.73.9
Passing Interceptions2057Texas TechHargrove, E.5
Passing Yards2030Texas TechFreitas, D.572
Passing TDs2016Texas TechBoucher, R.7
Passing Rating2037Texas TechCatalano, F.293.5
Longest Pass2057Texas TechHargrove, E.90
Rush Attempts2053Texas TechKeyes, E.38
Rushing Yards2053Texas TechKeyes, E.188
Rushing TDs2053Texas TechSerrano, F.2
Longest Run2022Texas TechNesmith, K.53
Catches2016Texas TechSweat, J.10
Receiving Yards2039Texas TechHarrington, G.184
Receiving TDs2034Texas TechHershberger, K.3
Longest Catch2057Texas TechBonilla, G.90
Fumbles2030Texas TechFlemming, E.2
Fumbles Lost2019Texas TechCarrico, D.1
Interceptions2020Texas TechPhillips, R.2
Interception Return Yards2055Texas TechFreeman, J.54
Tackles2018Texas TechGonzales, T.11
Sacks2018Texas TechScott, W.2
Forced Fumbles2016Texas TechTheriault, M.1
Fumbles Recovered2057Texas TechShore, G.2
Fumble Return Yards2055Texas TechDangelo, V.12
Defensive TDs2037Texas TechNava, J.1
Punt Return Yards2038Texas TechKaufman, W.98
Punt Return TDs0N/AN/A0
Longest Punt Return2039Texas TechSchmitt, R.68
Kickoff Return Yards2022Texas TechNesmith, K.184
Kickoff Return TDs0N/AN/A0
Longest Kickoff Return2027Texas TechAaron, J.79
FG Attempted2019Texas TechDollar, S.5
FG Made2019Texas TechDollar, S.5
Longest FG2037Texas TechCamacho, L.47
XP Attempted2016Texas TechBarrows, A.7
XP Made2016Texas TechBarrows, A.7
FG Pct2016Texas TechBarrows, A.100
XP Pct2016Texas TechBarrows, A.100
Punt Average2054Texas TechRing, M.59
Punt Yards2039Texas TechVance, S.520
Longest Punt2017Texas TechLucero, K.71
Tackles For Loss2054Texas TechGulley, A.4
Pancakes2019Texas TechCervantes, R.11
Sacks Allowed2018Texas TechJobe, A.2

Career Records
Passing Attempts2037Texas TechJohnson, S.2283
Passing Completions2037Texas TechJohnson, S.1182
Pass Completion Pct2026Texas TechConn, J.71.7
Passing Interceptions2037Texas TechJohnson, S.74
Passing Yards2019Texas TechBoucher, R.18507
Passing TDs2019Texas TechBoucher, R.196
Passing Rating2030Texas TechFreitas, D.192.6
Longest Pass2022Texas TechAtwell, K.99
Rush Attempts2058Texas TechMorrissey, N.976
Rushing Yards2058Texas TechMorrissey, N.3584
Rushing TDs2058Texas TechMorrissey, N.35
Longest Run2025Texas TechWare, A.95
Catches2023Texas TechCochran, R.362
Receiving Yards2018Texas TechVilla, C.5780
Receiving TDs2018Texas TechVilla, C.55
Longest Catch2022Texas TechWilkins, E.99
Fumbles2045Texas TechSchoonover, N.17
Fumbles Lost2047Texas TechRhoads, D.9
Interceptions2027Texas TechKaufman, W.16
Interception Return Yards2027Texas TechKaufman, W.326
Tackles2021Texas TechJoseph, W.377
Sacks2023Texas TechMorris, E.41
Forced Fumbles2047Texas TechGarcia, D.11
Fumbles Recovered2045Texas TechSchoonover, N.6
Fumble Return Yards2027Texas TechWard, E.46
Defensive TDs2027Texas TechKaufman, W.5
Punt Return Yards2057Texas TechPeeples, P.1148
Punt Return TDs2043Texas TechHernandez, M.3
Longest Punt Return2052Texas TechRobles, J.91
Kickoff Return Yards2021Texas TechSanders, G.3579
Kickoff Return TDs2057Texas TechPeeples, P.5
Longest Kickoff Return2017Texas TechSandoval, J.108
FG Attempted2023Texas TechWillis, R.111
FG Made2028Texas TechHendon, M.84
Longest FG2016Texas TechBarrows, A.63
XP Attempted2028Texas TechHendon, M.281
XP Made2028Texas TechHendon, M.276
FG Pct2040Texas TechMason, M.96.7
XP Pct2023Texas TechWillis, R.99.5
Punt Average2030Texas TechCherry, A.56
Punt Yards2048Texas TechSaucedo, E.19007
Longest Punt2019Texas TechRamirez, J.76
Tackles For Loss2024Texas TechMcClure, R.42
Pancakes2054Texas TechRobles, M.386
Sacks Allowed2024Texas TechAlcorn, A.23


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