Central Florida Knights (5-6)

Head Coach: Josh Heupel

American Athletic ( East Division )
East Carolina Pirates74.6363463264-23-27-14-1L1
Cincinnati Bearcats93.7503862877-02-36-23-2W4
South Florida Bulls66.5003533594-12-55-34-1W3
Connecticut Huskies55.5002872654-21-34-42-3W1
Temple Owls38.2732674232-31-53-51-4W1
Central Florida Knights56.4553343224-21-43-51-4L1

Team News
Week 1, 2053: Salas, M. - DE won American Athletic Defensive Player of the Week.
Week 7, 2053: Charles Crawford has recovered from his injury
Week 8, 2053: Michael Pantoja has recovered from his injury
Week 9, 2053: Craven, J. - CB won American Athletic Defensive Player of the Week.
Week 9, 2053: Rubin, D. - WR won American Athletic Offensive Player of the Week.

Cross, B.RBBlurred VisionProbable
Ballard, L.DTSprained AnkleQuestionable
Pantoja, M.LBSprained AnkleOut (1-2 weeks)
Jacobs, R.KTorn Posterior Cruciate LigamentOut (8-12 weeks)

Team Transactions
Week 1, 2053: Samual Palacios - WR ( 3 Star / Rank: 1375 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 1, 2053: Terence Drayton - FS ( 3 Star / Rank: 1322 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 1, 2053: James Atkins - QB ( 3 Star / Rank: 1389 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 1, 2053: Ralph Myles - WR ( 3 Star / Rank: 1439 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 1, 2053: Ralph Hough - DT ( 3 Star / Rank: 1308 ) transferred from Louisville to Central Florida Knights
Week 1, 2053: Quentin Batts - DT ( 3 Star / Rank: 743 ) transferred from Virginia to Central Florida Knights
Week 1, 2053: Caleb Hagen - G ( 3 Star / Rank: 970 ) transferred from Baylor to Central Florida Knights
Week 1, 2053: Denis Rinaldi - G ( 3 Star / Rank: 1367 ) transferred from Louisiana Tech to Central Florida Knights
Week 1, 2053: Richard Rosario - G ( 3 Star / Rank: 1044 ) transferred from Mississippi to Central Florida Knights
Week 1, 2053: Raymond Jankowski - QB ( 4 Star / Rank: 236 ) transferred from Georgia to Central Florida Knights
Week 1, 2053: Ralph Love - G ( 3 Star / Rank: 1355 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 1, 2053: David Strickland - DT ( 3 Star / Rank: 1092 ) transferred from Virginia to Central Florida Knights
Week 5, 2053: Edward Butterfield - CB ( 4 Star / Rank: 190 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 5, 2053: Eli Dennis - FS ( 4 Star / Rank: 154 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 8, 2053: James Villalobos - LB ( 4 Star / Rank: 201 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 8, 2053: Vince Wells - RB ( 4 Star / Rank: 74 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 8, 2053: John Forman - CB ( 4 Star / Rank: 208 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 8, 2053: Mark Stowe - SS ( 4 Star / Rank: 264 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 9, 2053: Christopher Wheaton - DT ( 4 Star / Rank: 188 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 9, 2053: Richard Pate - T ( 4 Star / Rank: 109 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 9, 2053: Clyde Gomez - TE ( 4 Star / Rank: 245 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 10, 2053: Kenneth Villareal - DT ( 4 Star / Rank: 43 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 10, 2053: Garfield Craig - QB ( 4 Star / Rank: 157 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 10, 2053: Rashaan Doll - DT ( 4 Star / Rank: 234 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 11, 2053: Rory Vasquez - FB ( 4 Star / Rank: 271 ) committed to Central Florida Knights
Week 12, 2053: Jerome Drake - G ( 4 Star / Rank: 170 ) committed to Central Florida Knights

Team Stats
Pts (Cnf/Lea)Yds (Cnf/Lea)Rush (Cnf/Lea)Pass (Cnf/Lea)
Offense30.4 (5/44)426.5 (3/26)96.4 (7/79)330.2 (1/9)
Defense29.3 (5/82)382.1 (7/76)132.0 (9/82)250.1 (4/64)

Individual Leaders
Ramos, T.323195246719
Cross, B.1535643.75
Jackson, L.73111015.25

1Oregon State Beavers W 38-3
2@Michigan State Spartans L 27-16
3North Carolina Tar Heels W 37-22
4@South Florida Bulls L 34-7
5@Temple Owls L 52-29
6@Tulane Green Wave W 45-41
7Cincinnati Bearcats L 38-33
8@East Carolina Pirates L 35-20
9Tulsa Golden Hurricane W 62-20
10Connecticut Huskies W 37-34
11Houston Cougars L 16-10
13@Massachusetts Minutemen  

Active Roster
Brewer, G.QBJr (RS)79324680678119735111193
Jankowski, R.QBJr (RS)844645926891155811111172
Ramos, T.QBSo84553783908022601111383
Crawford, C.RBSr (RS)824578159630945226381180
Cross, B.RBSo8674676681034925926371182
Hall, R.RBJr (RS)8980752532711926225201192
Mclaughlin, E.RBFr (RS)86768529683116914030141170
Elmore, K.FBSo (RS)757343137130615246581159
Gentry, J.FBSr (RS)73778831561430777131461193
Oliphant, A.FBSo (RS)758044148131604449531174
Hagen, C.GSo (RS)78895216613846464771168
Madden, G.GSo (RS)86675718113358878881178
Mcghee, A.GSo858048161129571479891162
Redmond, F.GSo (RS)80916518115361777661160
Rinaldi, D.GSo (RS)76855517814037679661159
Rosario, R.GSo (RS)78626016413249489751167
Snyder, J.GJr908456168134641490861168
Jones, C.TSo (RS)767959148149471371871149
Linkous, R.TSo84874615615162387701146
Love, R.TFr (RS)748548157151481265801354
Oliveira, P.TSo816158158348552588711175
Prentice, J.TSr (RS)81894917112533372901167
Crane, D.CJr (RS)77655417713152379691161
Meredith, J.CSr (RS)798256151127341179781179
Williams, C.CJr (RS)858960177130601975741375
Easterling, M.TEJr916568169138668360541186
Enriquez, R.TEFr (RS)806844144127628039301176
Thomas, R.TESo9063772265730876940381166
Wallace, W.TEFr (RS)847265158119646750221187
Whalen, R.TEJr (RS)844993162125756514371174
Brown, C.WRFr (RS)81596515213891738231168
Halstead, R.WRJr (RS)76466516113885697181170
Jackson, L.WRJr925592167136898727302183
Morales, E.WRSo (RS)82589112582540816728221175
Myles, R.WRFr (RS)82518015213680833241190
Palacios, S.WRFr (RS)833790162139778815121183
Perry, A.WRSo872872370141918727361193
Rubin, D.WRSr (RS)916481164133919031371164
Shively, A.WRFr (RS)906393162138828921191185
Turner, J.WRSr (RS)915288374141869231181183
Castle, J.CBSo8747881661498649111167
Craven, J.CBJr8954901721527664211169
Dodd, A.CBFr (RS)8848911511478848311185
Keane, W.CBSr (RS)8861901521318561113182
Littlejohn, K.CBSr (RS)9060781681587770111187
Swartz, H.CBJr867988151913836819391157
Alfred, E.LBSr (RS)8258511651837452111184
Barlow, L.LBSo8167651701776531111163
Butler, D.LBJr (RS)8462631631896644131168
Connors, J.LBSr (RS)8767801552797853121177
Easter, L.LBFr (RS)8259821731697941111161
Hall, W.LBSo (RS)8454753661886453111186
Houle, M.LBJr (RS)8761691511917651131271
Lamb, B.LBFr (RS)8045741521827946111156
Pantoja, M.LBSr (RS)9270741621848632111190
Ponce, H.LBFr (RS)7857591631698038111181
Willingham, A.LBFr (RS)8350751651896531121180
Ballard, L.DTSr (RS)8388451371536535111162
Batts, Q.DTFr (RS)8287421521545134111157
Cordell, A.DTJr (RS)8276491361685830111159
Hough, R.DTSr (RS)5745591551495829111128
Perez, T.DTSo (RS)8273421451686229111162
Strickland, D.DTFr (RS)8080391621575838111152
Chism, S.DESr (RS)8988651551527742113165
Ellsworth, R.DEJr (RS)8164641481527535111159
Healey, T.DESr (RS)8184601651586243111151
Lund, B.DEJr (RS)8079631631486249111178
Salas, M.DESr (RS)9083371671747431111176
Turnbull, A.DEJr8873671511557913113179
Arthur, M.FSSo8550831721667852111189
Drayton, T.FSFr7845621563728442111190
Norman, R.FSSo (RS)8049831661567451111273
Powers, B.FSFr (RS)7847881691496162111158
Rudd, R.FSSr7649671571726166111188
Beard, R.SSFr (RS)8874731561718150111185
Melendez, J.SSSr8867641611678971111171
Rogers, L.SSSo8776841421716669111185
Talbot, M.SSSr (RS)7949781501757532111179
Yi, E.SSSo (RS)8049712431697857111172
Jacobs, R.KSo (RS)82343128661137111868197
Valles, G.KFr8824461362127581711869296
Crittenden, C.PSo (RS)803638314712868111937388
Sampson, M.PJr (RS)871952769110641111828993
Game Records
Passing Attempts20343Central FloridaLacy, B.Penn State75
Passing Completions20304Central FloridaSpears, C.East Carolina49
Pass Completion Pct20211Central FloridaWarren, J.Washington100
Passing Interceptions20288Central FloridaPena, W.East Carolina5
Passing Yards20309Central FloridaSpears, C.Tulane616
Passing TDs20220Central FloridaGomez, K.Marshall8
Passing Rating20227Central FloridaJackson, B.Temple908.8
Longest Pass20235Central FloridaGomez, K.Southern Methodist98
Rush Attempts20203Central FloridaMartinez, E.Missouri38
Rushing Yards201914Central FloridaMartinez, E.South Alabama173
Rushing TDs20185Central FloridaMartinez, E.Memphis5
Longest Run202415Central FloridaBethel, B.San Diego State95
Catches20261Central FloridaFletcher, G.Rice14
Receiving Yards20247Central FloridaFortin, B.Temple278
Receiving TDs201910Central FloridaBoykin, H.Connecticut5
Longest Catch20235Central FloridaFuentes, L.Southern Methodist98
Fumbles20487Central FloridaWilkinson, J.Memphis3
Fumbles Lost20244Central FloridaBethel, B.East Carolina2
Interceptions203310Central FloridaJenson, J.Temple3
Interception Return Yards20539Central FloridaCraven, J.Tulsa117
Tackles201812Central FloridaGarcia, J.Navy17
Sacks204910Central FloridaJohnson, P.Tulsa6
Forced Fumbles20253Central FloridaPerry, F.Washington State2
Fumbles Recovered202510Central FloridaLundberg, S.East Carolina2
Fumble Return Yards20207Central FloridaPowell, B.Connecticut34
Defensive TDs20539Central FloridaCraven, J.Tulsa2
Punt Return Yards20310Central FloridaRobb, T.Texas178
Punt Return TDs20166Central FloridaBarlow, M.Houston1
Longest Punt Return20489Central FloridaConnors, S.Temple84
Kickoff Return Yards20164Central FloridaHemphill, J.Connecticut273
Kickoff Return TDs20396Central FloridaBurr, B.Tulane2
Longest Kickoff Return20183Central FloridaMcCulloch, R.Maryland108
FG Attempted20230Central FloridaLongoria, J.North Carolina8
FG Made20230Central FloridaLongoria, J.North Carolina8
Longest FG20495Central FloridaTrout, W.Cincinnati59
XP Attempted20185Central FloridaRoussel, J.Memphis11
XP Made20185Central FloridaRoussel, J.Memphis11
FG Pct20162Central FloridaOliver, R.Auburn100
XP Pct20162Central FloridaOliver, R.Auburn100
Punt Average20396Central FloridaMoorman, H.Tulane58
Punt Yards20241Central FloridaLemmon, J.Ohio State655
Longest Punt20276Central FloridaBernard, D.Southern Methodist78
Tackles For Loss202913Central FloridaRamos, J.Penn State5
Pancakes202711Central FloridaPartridge, O.Temple15
Sacks Allowed20177Central FloridaRossi, R.Cincinnati2

Season Records
Passing Attempts2051Central FloridaMcCulloch, R.763
Passing Completions2051Central FloridaMcCulloch, R.503
Pass Completion Pct2035Central FloridaLacy, B.72.7
Passing Interceptions2029Central FloridaPena, W.20
Passing Yards2051Central FloridaMcCulloch, R.6073
Passing TDs2051Central FloridaMcCulloch, R.62
Passing Rating2021Central FloridaWarren, J.205.9
Longest Pass2023Central FloridaGomez, K.98
Rush Attempts2019Central FloridaMartinez, E.283
Rushing Yards2019Central FloridaMartinez, E.1629
Rushing TDs2026Central FloridaMitchell, J.15
Longest Run2024Central FloridaBethel, B.95
Catches2026Central FloridaFletcher, G.108
Receiving Yards2030Central FloridaRico, A.1918
Receiving TDs2023Central FloridaFuentes, L.22
Longest Catch2023Central FloridaFuentes, L.98
Fumbles2030Central FloridaLuna, C.6
Fumbles Lost2024Central FloridaBethel, B.5
Interceptions2039Central FloridaSierra, L.9
Interception Return Yards2042Central FloridaHubbard, E.312
Tackles2051Central FloridaLabbe, E.111
Sacks2049Central FloridaJohnson, P.24
Forced Fumbles2025Central FloridaPerry, F.5
Fumbles Recovered2024Central FloridaWooten, J.3
Fumble Return Yards2020Central FloridaPowell, B.34
Defensive TDs2032Central FloridaJenson, J.4
Punt Return Yards2048Central FloridaConnors, S.623
Punt Return TDs2016Central FloridaBarlow, M.1
Longest Punt Return2048Central FloridaConnors, S.84
Kickoff Return Yards2016Central FloridaPeebles, M.1273
Kickoff Return TDs2022Central FloridaBethel, B.2
Longest Kickoff Return2018Central FloridaMcCulloch, R.108
FG Attempted2024Central FloridaDriscoll, T.41
FG Made2024Central FloridaDriscoll, T.37
Longest FG2049Central FloridaTrout, W.59
XP Attempted2022Central FloridaDavis, T.83
XP Made2022Central FloridaDavis, T.82
FG Pct2039Central FloridaMaes, K.96.2
XP Pct2024Central FloridaDriscoll, T.100
Punt Average2024Central FloridaLemmon, J.50.2
Punt Yards2044Central FloridaMintz, J.4168
Longest Punt2027Central FloridaBernard, D.78
Tackles For Loss2028Central FloridaNewsom, R.17
Pancakes2051Central FloridaRiggins, R.116
Sacks Allowed2025Central FloridaIreland, E.9

Bowl Records
Passing Attempts2049Central FloridaMcCulloch, R.70
Passing Completions2033Central FloridaLacy, B.43
Pass Completion Pct2035Central FloridaBrownell, L.100
Passing Interceptions2038Central FloridaWilliams, C.4
Passing Yards2037Central FloridaWilliams, C.457
Passing TDs2022Central FloridaGomez, K.8
Passing Rating2043Central FloridaSmith, J.480.4
Longest Pass2023Central FloridaGomez, K.83
Rush Attempts2020Central FloridaBowens, W.32
Rushing Yards2018Central FloridaCampbell, A.146
Rushing TDs2017Central FloridaBowens, W.2
Longest Run2034Central FloridaBullock, D.56
Catches2026Central FloridaFletcher, G.13
Receiving Yards2026Central FloridaMullen, M.187
Receiving TDs2030Central FloridaRico, A.4
Longest Catch2023Central FloridaFuentes, L.83
Fumbles2038Central FloridaHurst, C.2
Fumbles Lost2023Central FloridaBenton, K.1
Interceptions2033Central FloridaWilkes, D.2
Interception Return Yards2036Central FloridaHernandez, T.87
Tackles2018Central FloridaGarcia, J.13
Sacks2040Central FloridaWooten, L.3
Forced Fumbles2017Central FloridaMason, L.1
Fumbles Recovered2017Central FloridaMason, L.1
Fumble Return Yards2027Central FloridaHowell, D.19
Defensive TDs2025Central FloridaOhara, G.1
Punt Return Yards2031Central FloridaRobb, T.178
Punt Return TDs2025Central FloridaOwens, W.1
Longest Punt Return2031Central FloridaRobb, T.75
Kickoff Return Yards2034Central FloridaBullock, D.251
Kickoff Return TDs2034Central FloridaBullock, D.1
Longest Kickoff Return2034Central FloridaBullock, D.108
FG Attempted2023Central FloridaLongoria, J.8
FG Made2023Central FloridaLongoria, J.8
Longest FG2050Central FloridaTrout, W.59
XP Attempted2022Central FloridaDavis, T.9
XP Made2037Central FloridaHoover, J.9
FG Pct2017Central FloridaRoussel, J.100
XP Pct2017Central FloridaRoussel, J.100
Punt Average2037Central FloridaOcasio, W.55.5
Punt Yards2044Central FloridaMintz, J.508
Longest Punt2028Central FloridaBernard, D.75
Tackles For Loss2027Central FloridaRamos, J.3
Pancakes2048Central FloridaRiggins, R.15
Sacks Allowed2018Central FloridaRossi, R.2

Career Records
Passing Attempts2052Central FloridaMcCulloch, R.2639
Passing Completions2052Central FloridaMcCulloch, R.1736
Pass Completion Pct2044Central FloridaVasquez, M.72.4
Passing Interceptions2052Central FloridaMcCulloch, R.62
Passing Yards2052Central FloridaMcCulloch, R.21079
Passing TDs2052Central FloridaMcCulloch, R.192
Passing Rating2021Central FloridaWarren, J.189.9
Longest Pass2023Central FloridaGomez, K.98
Rush Attempts2021Central FloridaMartinez, E.662
Rushing Yards2021Central FloridaMartinez, E.3575
Rushing TDs2020Central FloridaMartinez, E.41
Longest Run2024Central FloridaBethel, B.95
Catches2043Central FloridaDesimone, G.320
Receiving Yards2033Central FloridaCortez, M.5985
Receiving TDs2023Central FloridaFuentes, L.71
Longest Catch2023Central FloridaFuentes, L.98
Fumbles2052Central FloridaMcCulloch, R.12
Fumbles Lost2025Central FloridaBethel, B.6
Interceptions2035Central FloridaJenson, J.22
Interception Return Yards2042Central FloridaHubbard, E.563
Tackles2021Central FloridaGarcia, J.365
Sacks2049Central FloridaJohnson, P.55
Forced Fumbles2041Central FloridaWalker, F.10
Fumbles Recovered2027Central FloridaKillian, T.5
Fumble Return Yards2020Central FloridaPowell, B.34
Defensive TDs2034Central FloridaWilkes, D.6
Punt Return Yards2050Central FloridaConnors, S.1785
Punt Return TDs2032Central FloridaRobb, T.2
Longest Punt Return2048Central FloridaConnors, S.84
Kickoff Return Yards2042Central FloridaBurr, B.3344
Kickoff Return TDs2040Central FloridaBurr, B.3
Longest Kickoff Return2018Central FloridaMcCulloch, R.108
FG Attempted2051Central FloridaTrout, W.127
FG Made2051Central FloridaTrout, W.106
Longest FG2049Central FloridaTrout, W.59
XP Attempted2051Central FloridaTrout, W.229
XP Made2051Central FloridaTrout, W.222
FG Pct2040Central FloridaMaes, K.93.9
XP Pct2037Central FloridaHoover, J.99.4
Punt Average2024Central FloridaLemmon, J.48.7
Punt Yards2051Central FloridaWinchester, M.13288
Longest Punt2027Central FloridaBernard, D.78
Tackles For Loss2028Central FloridaNewsom, R.46
Pancakes2044Central FloridaDaly, F.331
Sacks Allowed2041Central FloridaGable, M.19


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